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All nonprofits need to eventually recruit new board members with relevant skills, perspectives, and access to resources.

It is also important that nonprofits serve their missions both “with” and “within” communities. Too often the approach is to deliver a service “at” or “to” people and communities. In order to make this shift, most boards need to focus on diversifying the constellation of board members making mission decisions. Recognizing this need, there is an increased demand to identify, recruit, and retain qualified candidates from often under-represented groups who are diverse in race, age, gender, and lived experience. In addition, a growing number of volunteers want to put their professional and personal skills to use in their communities. Let’s get to work together.

Alaska Board Match encourages nonprofits to start or continue their journey to a more diverse and welcoming board where everyone feels a sense of belonging. Likewise, this online hub will assist individuals interested in board service.

More than a match site

Focusing on access, identification, and matching is only part of the work for every organization to be successful in their journey From Bias to Belonging. Recognizing this journey through this platform, you can easily connect to Foraker’s robust offerings of education, resources, consultation, and support to strengthen your whole experience from strategic recruitment to meaningful engagement to a graceful exit.

Why this work matters

Why does it matter? Unfortunately, there is a historical gap in the demographics of many boards — based on race, age, gender, and lived experiences — and the populations they serve. Diverse boards can have long-lasting positive impacts on a mission, foster more equitable policies, stimulate the hiring of a diverse workforce and, ultimately, bring about needed systems change.

Foraker’s Commitment

Foraker is committed to supporting and encouraging diversity, equity, and welcoming practices. Indeed, our commitment to diversity is included in one of our four core values — Urban/Rural/Native/Non-Native — and our values underpin every belief and the context of each decision we make. Our understanding of nonprofit governance, leadership, and management is a part of our larger commitment to supporting the whole nonprofit sector. Read more about who we are and our commitments here.

Alaska Board Match will help to address barriers to access of information, access to networks and connections, and access to resources. While these barriers are ongoing, we are grateful to be part of the solution.